Anticorrosive coatings

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Anticorrosive coatings

Coating Shop

Coating shop was commissioned in 2010 and is able to provide with external 3LPE coating for pipe Ф 219—1420 мм and internal epoxy coating for pipe Ф 530-1420мм. Designed capacity of the shop is 230,000 lm\year. 

3- Layer Poly Ethylene Coating of standard and reinforced types 

Scope of use:
For buried pipelines with enhanced resistance to corrosion and temperature of transported product of 80ºС. The coating is characterized by better resistance to mechanical damages and cathodic disbondment. It is used for oil and gas pipelines when operated under special conditions.

Anticorrosive single and double epoxy coating

Scope of use:
Both surface and buried pipelines (mostly gas pipelines) , with enhanced resistance to corrosion , to transport products at temperatures of up to 110ºС.
The coating is designed for pipelines that are laid down without wrapping in non rocky terrains. For rocky terrains, a special arrangement with soft soil or mats is required.

Internal Epoxy Coatings

Scope of use:
Internal Epoxy Coatings are used to protect water mains, slurry pipelines and oil pipelines from corrosion.
Coatings of this type  are quite flexible and resistant to gases, abrasion and are chemically stable.

Reference Technical Specifications :                   

  • GOST 31445-2012
  • GOST 31448-2012
  • CSA Z 245.21.06
  • DIN30670,30671
  • TCO X-ST-2000-02605
  • TCO-X-ST-2000 
  • SHELL DEP 31-40-30-31 Customer’s Specifications