Health and safety

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Health and safety

Dedicated HSE management system is implemented at the enterprise. This system meets the requirements of international standards ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 14001:2015.

ArcelorMittal Tubular Products Aktau has approved H&S Policy aimed at continuous improvement of working conditions, labor organization management, compliance with H&S regulations with respect to use of equipment and technical processes.

Journey to Zero 

‘‘Journey to Zero’ program is implemented at all ArcelorMittal sites as it helps to manage H&S matters efficiently.

Objective of the program is to reduce to zero accidents at work and mitigate efficiently risks of work-related diseases. Journey to Zero covers identification of dangerous and hazardous operational factors, accident prevention, risk analysis, occupational health, operational safety, investigation of accidents and healthy lifestyle promotion.

H&S rules

Special code of H&S rules is implemented at ArcelorMittal Aktau. These rules determine behavior of the worker during operations or when at Company’s premises and help employees to follow the key equation of H&S:

Rules + Discipline = Zero accident.

Environmental safety

Environmental protection is one of the priority directions of AMTPA activity. The company consistently aspires to achievement of a main objective of the Policy in the field of ecology – constant minimization and prevention of negative influences of production processes on environment for the purpose of stabilization of ecological conditions in the region.

The system of ecological management is developed, implemented and certified according to the requirements of ISO 14001:2015 international standard. The certificate is received in 2011. The system conformity has been proved after 4th external recertification audit and certificate validity has been extended till 2024.

According to legislative requirements of Republic of Kazakhstan the nature conservation activities are carried out which performance is supervised by the corresponding internal team.

Periodical reports on performance of nature conservation activities are being represented to territorial environmental protection bodies and the Ministry of environmental protection which allows estimating environment contamination level and anthropogenic contribution of the enterprise.

Activities for protection and rational use of water resources, handling with production wastes and consumption are carried out.

Being guided by the importance of the ecological aspects, the JSC «ArcelorMittal Tubular Products Aktau» annually plans its nature protection activities having the purpose of constant minimization of anthropogenic impact on environment.

The actions directed on protection of flora and fauna such as transplanting within industrial platforms of company divisions are carried out on annual basis.

Contractors Compliance with H&S regulations 

The Company takes a responsible approach to cooperation with contractors. This is why all contractors have to follow established H&S procedures.

Potential contractors interested in developing business with the Company must demonstrate that they are able to comply with all H&S requirements of JSC «ArcelorMittal Tubular Products Aktau».